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Shaher Khan

With nearly two decades of experience in Jiu Jitsu, Shaher is a highly accredited BJJ black belt who has chosen Canberra as the home for his martial arts school, Shibusa Jiu Jitsu Studio. Holding a degree in Exercise and Sport Science, and with additional training in Boxing, Judo, and Muay Thai, Shaher combines these complementary skills to provide a scientifically-backed, and comprehensive understanding of martial arts.

His dedication to the sport also earned him the Pan Pacific Black Belt Open Class Champion title in 2015 and led him to represent Australia at the World Pro Championships in Abu Dhabi three times. While his Pan Pacific and National Championship medals are a point of pride, what truly motivates him is the opportunity to impart his knowledge to others. 

Off the mat, Shaher is committed to self-growth and enjoys spending quality time with his family. Whether through reading or travelling, he continually seeks avenues for personal development.

At Shibusa Jiu Jitsu Studio in Canberra, Shaher uses his extensive background to help students reach their full potential in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, both as a sport and a lifestyle.

Allen Francis

Growing up in India, Botswana, Tunisia, Australia and the Philippines, Allen was drawn to martial arts and combat sports as a way to understand himself, make lifelong friends and find his place in the world. Though he trained in judo and taekwondo from an early age and competed in Muay Thai, he fell in love with jiujitsu for its unrivalled ability to humble us, guide us in all aspects of life and challenge us to achieve a depth of technique that appears beautifully, deceptively simple on the surface.

Allen’s coached many students to medal in competitions around Australia, but he considers winning to be a lagging indicator. Rather than striving for short-term victory, he sees how continuously refining technique in a supportive environment and pursuing perfection over time profoundly benefits our students—both on and off the mats.

When he’s out of the gi, Allen feels most comfortable in his role as the managing director of Buoy, a local consultancy he founded with his partner. Taking inspiration from jiujitsu and his ethos as a coach, he’s constantly refining his technique in the start-up space to create the best experience for the people he serves.

Allen received his black belt in 2021 but enjoys the moments when he feels like a white belt again in the pursuit and teaching of true technical mastery at Shibusa.


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