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Private Lessons

Private lessons are an excellent way for students to get personal, customised instruction.

The benefits of private instruction are innumerable. Private lessons are customised for you and what you want to learn. If you’re finding holes in your game or techniques you want to learn more about; private lessons will directly help you. Only doing group classes means you’ll have to wait to get additional teachings on a technique.

Benefits of private lessons:

1. Level of instruction
When teaching martial arts, one of the biggest challenges is finding the right level of complexity for your instruction. Many gyms deal with this by separating beginners from advanced students, but even then, level differences can be enormous. A fresh blue belt and a competitive brown belt are worlds apart. So are first-timers and seasoned white belt veterans with a wrestling background. Private classes allow us to teach you at the perfect level of complexity, providing a challenge, but not overwhelming you.

2. Customised techniques
One of the famous clichés in jiu jitsu is that “jiu jitsu is for everyone”. Though that might be true, the same jiu jitsu does not work for everybody. With private lessons, we offer techniques that fit your level, natural attributes, and preferences.

3. Addressing specific issues
During a regular class structure, the teacher will try to help as many students as they can but there is never enough time and it is hard to solve everyone's jiu jitsu problems. With private classes, we can take all the time to solve your particular issues, which helps you break through plateaus. It's a chance for us to work exclusively on your learning.

4. Introduction to the sport
Private lessons can serve as a safe environment to learn the basics of the art you are training, allowing newcomers to get comfortable before joining group sessions.

5. Accommodating different schedules
Entrepreneurs, healthcare professionals, security guards… we could go on. Many professions don’t have a standard 9 to 5. Private lessons can be a great option for those that aren’t able to attend the group classes on a regular basis.


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Private lessons are not a requirement and you will still succeed in Jiu Jitsu without them.


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