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Our Story

Welcome to Shibusa Jiu Jitsu Studio! 

What is Shibusa? 

It's a Japanese term describing a philosophy that emphasises beauty in simplicity, subtlety and hidden details that reveal themselves over time. 

This idea resonates in our approach and is complemented by our guiding principle: 'Good Jiu Jitsu for Good People.'

The Shibusa Philosophy

  • Simple Elegance: Here, mastery doesn't have to be flashy to impress. It's about doing exactly what's needed, no more, no less, but doing it to perfection. It's often the simplest techniques, executed with the right timing and finesse, that are the most effective.

  • Subtle Depth: Jiu Jitsu is an art of simple complexity. What seems straightforward has layers of details, requiring years to master fully. A single move can contain many aspects, most of which may not be immediately obvious but are crucial for mastery.

  • Effortless Mastery: This embodies our aspirational goal for you: to make even the most challenging techniques appear easy. It's not just about skill; it's about the highest levels of control and finesse. 

More Than Just Moves

We're a friendly community that's all about transforming lives, whether that's through getting fit, learning self-defense, or preparing for competitions. We're here to offer a deep, rich, and incredibly rewarding journey through the world of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Ready to Join Us?

Come on over and join us on the mat. Our doors are always open to good people looking to learn good Jiu Jitsu. We can't wait to help you become your best self in a place that fuses art, skill, and an amazing community.



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